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Dental Benefits Advocacy: WDS/Delta

WSDA is committed to keeping Washington dentists updated on the status of WDS member dentists' pursuit of transparency in ​WDS/Delta's governance process. 

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Dentists & WSDA Take Legal Action Against Delta Dental

Three member dentists, along with WSDA, are taking legal action against Delta Dental of Washington.

In a complaint filed on February 20, 2019 in King County Superior Court, Drs. Denny Bradshaw, Todd Irwin and Nathan Russell, along with the WSDA, allege that the Independent Directors of Delta's board of directors twice have unlawfully rejected bylaw amendments overwhelmingly passed by the organization’s member dentists to improve transparency into operations and make Delta more patient-focused.

The complaint also charges that Delta Dental has not held an annual meeting since November of 2016, despite the fact that such a meeting is required by both its own Bylaws and state law.

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Delta ​Board Vetoes Most Bylaw Amendments

During the Delta Special Meeting on November 15, 2018, Delta member dentists passed a set of bylaw amendments (with 96% of voting members in favor) aimed at creating a better future for patients and improving transparency in the WDS/Delta governance process.

The WDS Board has chosen to veto the following amendments:

  • allow for open nominations for members to run for the board
  • impose term limits on board service for member dentists at Delta;
  • make the Delta CEO an ex-officio rather than full member of the board; and
  • eliminate board veto powers over member-approved bylaw amendments.
A letter from Delta regarding this decision can be found on the Delta Provider Portal or read here.

The WSDA Board of Directors and legal counsel are currently reviewing this development and considering potential next steps.​

Dentists Seek Insurance Commissioner Review of Delta Dental Reorganization

WDS members Drs. Cynthia Pauley, Christopher Delecki, Bernard Larson, Nathan Russell, and Todd Irwin filed a complaint with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner seeking a full investigation of the 2013 Delta reorganization effort.​ As of September 2018, the OIC is actively investigating this complaint.

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WSDA Asks Attorney General to Investigate Potential Delta Antitrust Practices

Washington State Dental Association leadership has requested the Antitrust Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office investigate whether Washington Dental Service (Delta Dental of Washington) has engaged in illegal monopsonist practices in our state.

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Antitrust Law

All WSDA members must be aware of antitrust law and the threat of antitrust liability. Learn more about antitrust compliance here. 


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