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Membership Benefits

From quality continuing education to advocacy on legislative, regulatory and insurance issues (just to name a few!), WSDA members receive countless benefits to help them succeed.

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As an Association, WSDA advocates for our members and their patients on legislative issues, dental regulations, third-party payer issues and more. We are the most prominent organization in the state advocating in support of the doctor-patient relationship.

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WSDA makes Washington's dental regulations easier to understand by providing answers to frequently asked questions, links to various laws, licensure information and more.

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Continuing Education

WSDA is on your side when it comes to making sure our members have high-quality, affordable options to earn continuing education. Check out our members-only discount to the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference and free WSDA Academy courses for young members​, to name a few!

WSDA Retro

WSDA Retro: Workers’ Compensation Premium Refunds

WSDA Retro is an association-sponsored workers’ compensation retrospective rating (Retro) program for member dentists. Exclusively available to WSDA members, WSDA Retro provides a no-cost, no-risk way for WSDA member dentists who own dental practices to earn refunds on their workers’ compensation premiums paid to L&I.

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Professional Mentorship

The WSDA Mentor Program allows member dentists and dental students to explore opportunities for professional mentorship, or become a mentor to their peers! 

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Endorsed Companies

WSDA partners with numerous companies to get our members (and in some cases, their staff!) special deals on the products and services they need. From discounts on cell phone plans to student loan refinancing, there's sure to be an endorsed company discount​ useful to you.

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Practice Resources

WSDA is committed to helping you improve how you run your practice. Explore resources like insurance information for dentists, digital marketing ​resources, practice financing options and more!


Peer Review

As a member benefit, Peer Review provides an expert and credible system for resolving disagreements between WSDA member dentists and their patients.

Other Tripartite Benefits

To learn more about membership benefits from the ADA, visit To learn more about benefits from your local dental society, please contact your society directly.