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WSDA Disability Suppor​t Program

If you are dealing with a disabling illness or injury, whether short- or long-term, WSDA is here to help.

Please call (206) 973-5226 to speak to Disability Support Coordinator Brenda Berlin for assistance.
By calling, you can be connected with a Disability Support Dentist—someone who has been where you are now and understands what you are going through.

American Association of Disabled Dentists

The American Association of Disabled Dentists provides “personal assistance, professional support, and encouragement for disabled dentists,” with a dedicated website covering a multitude of topics, such as:

  • Depression and disability claims for dentists
  • What should dentists do when they get sick?
  • Dental diseases of despair: burnout and addiction
  • Dentists who suffer together get better together
  • Effects of a dentists's illness on family
  • Much more
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Disability Support from the ADA

The American Dental Association provides resources and information for disabled dentists on 


You Are Not Alone

Call (206) 973-5226 today to connect with a Disability Support Dentist in Washington.