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WSDA Retro: Expert Workers' Compensation Support at No Cost to Members

WSDA Retro is a free program exclusively available to WSDA members offering employers free benefits and support on workers' compensation issues. WSDA Retro also provides WSDA with a significant source of non-dues revenue that the Association will use to lower our members' annual membership dues.

WSDA Retro is free and available to all members who own a dental practice, but you must complete the one-time application. Take 5 minutes to apply today!

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WSDA Retro Benefits

Free Workers' Compensation Support

As soon as you're enrolled in WSDA Retro, you'll have access to free, best-in-class support from the workers' compensation experts at Employer Resources Northwest (ERNwest)ERNwest can help you improve your workplace safety and maximize strategies to control the cost of the premiums you already pay to L&I. Plus, if you do experience a workers' compensation claim against your office, ERNwest will review it and manage the process on your behalf, potentially lowering or eliminating the claim.

Wage Reimbursement for Return to Work

Dental offices can get reimbursements from L&I for up to 50% of wages when bringing injured employees back to modified duty. WSDA Retro will match the 50%, so you can get up to 100% of injured employees' wages reimbursed.


  • Who qualifies for WSDA Retro?
  • If I enroll in WSDA Retro, do I need to change anything with how I pay premiums to L&I?
  • Is there a fee to join WSDA Retro? Is this program actually free?
  • What is the risk? Could I pay more if I sign up?
  • Is this program too good to be true?
  • Do I need to re-enroll every year?
  • Can non-member dentists enroll in WSDA Retro?

What Members are Saying About WSDA Retro and ERNwest

“Without ERNwest, I never would have known there was a problem with the claim against my office. I would have either had to hire an independent advisor to help me, or more likely, I would have just accepted my fate and paid a bunch of money for a claim wrongfully assigned to me.

My representative at ERNwest was responsive, professional, and saved me a lot of money. Plus, it cost me nothing as a WSDA Retro participant.”

– Stephen Lee, DDS

“Since joining the WSDA Retro Program, I’ve had the opportunity to work with ERNwest. My ERNwest claims manager helped me navigate through some confusing and frustrating situations. 

Their expertise and advocacy on my behalf to L&I saved me thousands of dollars in my future premiums and personally a lot of frustration and heartburn!”

– Nathan Russell, DDS

“After our employee filed a claim with L&I, our ERNwest representative helped us navigate each step in the process. The ERNwest team helped us provide required documentation to L&I, assisted us in writing a light duty job description, and helped us get the employee’s wages reimbursed through L&I’s Stay at Work Program and WSDA’s Match. 

Our ERNwest Claims Manager was there for us every step of the way and made a very stressful experience much easier to deal with.”

– Christopher Herzog, DDS, MS

Ask Natalia About WSDA Retro!

Natalia Hilal, WSDA's member engagement coordinator, is here to answer your questions about WSDA Retro and why it's important that your office is enrolled. 

Contact Natalia today to learn more about this exclusive and valuable member program, the benefits for your office, and how WSDA is using Retro as a powerful tool in lowering the cost of your WSDA membership dues.

Natalia Hilal | | (206) 973-5210

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Natalia Hilal, Member Engagement Coordinator