Practice Resources

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From insurance for dentists to tax prep to digital marketing ​and more, WSDA, ADA and our partners provide resources to help members juggle various aspects of managing a dental practice.

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Insurance for Dentists

Washington Dentists' Insurance Agency, wholly owned by the WSDA, helps dentists simplify the process of selecting the right insurance at a reasonable price and is the only insurance agency that is specifically geared to meet the needs of Washington dentists, their families, and their staff.

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Dental Benefits

From ADA's dental benefits website to their contract analysis service, your membership helps you navigate the complex world of third-party payers.

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Digital Marketing

WSDA-endorsed Sesame Communications is the industry leader when it comes to providing dental practices with proven and effective digital marketing and patient engagement solutions and strategies. 

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Practice Financing

Learn more about Columbia Bank and Provide, preferred by WSDA for our members' practice financing and banking needs.

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Accounting & Tax Services

Learn more about Dental Accounting Group and Greenway & Company, preferred by the WSDA for our members' accounting and tax needs. 

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Find collections information and answers to dentists' frequently asked questions from Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau, a WSDA endorsed company. 

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ADA Center for Professional Success

Get practice management, regulatory/legal, education, wellness, dental benefits, career resources and more from the ADA Center for Professional Success.