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WSDA is committed to keeping Washington dentists updated on the status of WDS member dentists' pursuit of transparency in ​WDS/Delta's governance process. 

WSDA Asks Attorney General to Investigate Potential Delta Antitrust Practices

Washington State Dental Association leadership has requested the Antitrust Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office to investigate whether Washington Dental Service (Delta Dental of Washington) has engaged in illegal monopsonist practices in our state.

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Petition of No Confidence in Delta CEO Jim Dwyer

Petition Delivery Press Release

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Delta member dentists have worked with legal counsel to develop a petition to submit to the WDS Board of Directors.

The petition states that​ the Delta members:

  • Have lost confidence in the leadership of current CEO Jim Dwyer;
  • Request the Board of Directors remove him from that position effective immediately;
  • Request that the Board’s search for a successor should focus on individuals possessing expertise in operating a not-for-profit healthcare organization committed to core values of patient care, responsive governance and transparency.
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​Dentists Seek Insurance Commissioner Review of Delta Dental Reorganization

WDS members Drs. Cynthia Pauley, Christopher Delecki, Bernard Larson, Nathan Russell, and Todd Irwin recently filed a complaint with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner seeking a full investigation of the 2013 Delta reorganization effort.​ 

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Press Release

Seattle Times Op-ed | Dr. Craig Neal

Dr. Craig Neal shares his opinion regarding recently vetoed bylaw amendments by Delta Dental's leadership in an op-ed for the Seattle Times, titled "You and your dentist may have a bone to pick with Delta Dental." 

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WDS/Delta Special Meetings & Results

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, hundreds of WDS/Delta member dentists convened at the Lynnwood Convention Center for special meetings to vote upon proposed amendments to WDS/Delta's bylaws. Thousands more dentists voted by proxy form.

​The numbers show that WDS/Delta member dentists gained a solid victory in their pursuit of common-sense bylaw amendments. In fact, both slates of proposed amendments passed with more than 91% of the over 2,300 votes cast.

However, the Washington Dental Service Board of Directors reviewed the bylaw amendments approved by member dentists and, while WDS elected to implement certain amendments, many ​were vetoed by WDS independent directors. 

Read a letter from the WDS Board regarding ​its decision here.

WDS/Delta Bylaw Amendments: What Would They Do?

  • Ensure Delta's Decisions Are Patient Care-Focused
  • Make Delta More Responsive to Patients and Its Member Providers
  • Give Delta Members More Visibility Into Its Operations

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