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WSDA is committed to keeping Washington dentists updated on the status of WDS member dentists' pursuit of transparency in ​WDS/Delta's governance process. 

Petition of No Confidence in Delta CEO Jim Dwyer

Petition Delivery Press Release

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Delta member dentists have worked with legal counsel to develop a petition to submit to the WDS Board of Directors.

The petition states that​ the Delta members:

  • Have lost confidence in the leadership of current CEO Jim Dwyer;
  • Request the Board of Directors remove him from that position effective immediately;
  • Request that the Board’s search for a successor should focus on individuals possessing expertise in operating a not-for-profit healthcare organization committed to core values of patient care, responsive governance and transparency.
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​Dentists Seek Insurance Commissioner Review of Delta Dental Reorganization

WDS members Drs. Cynthia Pauley, Christopher Delecki, Bernard Larson, Nathan Russell, and Todd Irwin recently filed a complaint with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner seeking a full investigation of the 2013 Delta reorganization effort.​ 

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Press Release

Seattle Times Op-ed | Dr. Craig Neal

Dr. Craig Neal shares his opinion regarding recently vetoed bylaw amendments by Delta Dental's leadership in an op-ed for the Seattle Times, titled "You and your dentist may have a bone to pick with Delta Dental." 

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WDS/Delta Special Meetings & Results

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, hundreds of WDS/Delta member dentists convened at the Lynnwood Convention Center for special meetings to vote upon proposed amendments to WDS/Delta's bylaws. Thousands more dentists voted by proxy form.

​The numbers show that WDS/Delta member dentists gained a solid victory in their pursuit of common-sense bylaw amendments. In fact, both slates of proposed amendments passed with more than 91% of the over 2,300 votes cast.

However, the Washington Dental Service Board of Directors reviewed the bylaw amendments approved by member dentists and, while WDS elected to implement certain amendments, many ​were vetoed by WDS independent directors. 

Read a letter from the WDS Board regarding ​its decision here.

WDS/Delta Bylaw Amendments: What Would They Do?

  • Ensure Delta's Decisions Are Patient Care-Focused
  • Make Delta More Responsive to Patients and Its Member Providers
  • Give Delta Members More Visibility Into Its Operations

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