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Online Prior Authorization (PA) Submission Available in ProviderOne

Read an update from the HCA about their online prior authorization feature, which launched in August.

In August, the Health Care Authority (HCA) launched our online prior authorization (PA) feature in ProviderOne. We’re a month in and want to:

  • Remind you about this new feature.
  • Inform you about messages you may receive while using the feature.

Why online PAs?

Until August, providers had to submit PA requests via fax or paper submission. The enhancement to ProviderOne increases efficiency by allowing you to submit direct data entry (DDE) and include color photos, x-rays, and all other required PA documentation — online. This does not include pharmacies. 

Note: You may continue to submit requests by fax or mail. Visit our PA webpage for instructions on these processes.

Error messages: what do I do? 

While completing a PA request 
When you work through a PA request, you may receive an error message related to the data you are entering on a given screen. If you receive an error message here, you will need to resolve the issue before ProviderOne will allow you to move on.

When checking on the status of a PA request
Once you submit your request, no further action is required by you. However, there may still be errors with the request that must be resolved by HCA staff. You will see an “Error status” message on the PA Inquiry screen until those issues are resolved.

Can I submit my PAs now?

Yes, the system is live.

Are there training tools?

Yes. Step-by-step instructions are available on our PA webpage