Changes to WDIA Professional Liability

Changes to WDIA Professional Liability

WSDA is excited to announce that WDIA has selected a new preferred, non-exclusive partner for professional liability insurance.

For several years, WSDA and Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency (WDIA) leadership have discussed how to improve the options that WDIA offers dentists for several of its insurance lines. Today, we are excited to announce that WDIA has selected a new preferred, non-exclusive partner for professional liability insurance. 

MedPro Group: WDIA’s New Preferred Partner for Professional Liability Insurance

Beginning March 1, 2024, WDIA’s new preferred partner for professional liability insurance is MedPro Group. MedPro is a Berkshire Hathaway company and is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of dental malpractice insurance. MedPro has a reputation for stellar service that aligns well with WDIA’s commitment to protecting Washington dentists with quality coverage.

If you would like to continue as a WDIA client for your professional liability coverage, you can switch to MedPro. The transition is easy — learn more and request a quote at

Request a Quote
Contact WDIA at (800) 282-9342 or to speak to the WDIA team about MedPro professional liability coverage.

WSDA | WDIA & TDIC Part Ways

WDIA was the exclusive broker for The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC) in Washington for the past five years. As the expiration of our agency agreement with TDIC approached, the WSDA and WDIA Boards decided to end the use of exclusivity arrangements for all insurance lines sold by WDIA. When we shared with TDIC that our members were asking for choices for coverage, and we wanted to provide them with additional options through a non-exclusive agreement, TDIC chose not to continue with us.

Stronger Future, More Choice

WSDA continues to pursue new programs and reimagined membership for Washington dentists. Looking to the future, we plan to build a new member benefit related to professional liability insurance that will provide strong value to WSDA members and drive non-dues revenue back into the Association. Supporting WDIA and the insurance products they provide will accelerate this important work.


Bracken Killpack
Executive Director, WSDA