Dental Laboratory Registration Reminder

Dental Laboratory Registration Reminder

As a reminder, all dental laboratories operating in Washington that provide services for outside dental offices must be registered with the Department of Health (DOH) prior to July 31.
The Department of Health (DOH) recently sent the following reminder about dental laboratory registration.

RCW 70.352.060 requires all dental laboratory registrations be renewed yearly prior to July 31. It is recommended that renewal requirements be submitted early, as it takes time for the DOH to process renewals.

Over the last few months, the DOH has been working on streamlining the dental laboratory renewal form in order to reduce the amount of time required to renew. The DOH has discovered that the renewal notices mailed in April 2023 included outdated renewal instructions. If you have already submitted your renewal on the old form, you do not need to resubmit any documentation. If you have not submitted your renewal, please use the new form.

Renewal forms are available on the dental laboratory website.

Please send any questions to Dental Laboratory Program Manager Bruce Bronoske, Jr. at