Washington State Oral Health Coalition Seeks Board Members

The Washington State Oral Health Coalition (WSOHC) seeks applicants for its Board of Directors. Interested individuals may nominate themselves or a colleague through May 15.

The Washington State Oral Health Coalition (WSOHC) seeks applicants for its Board of Directors.

Read the job description below and submit the nomination form to Pat Brown at by May 15. The inclusion of a personal resume is optional.

WSOHC Board Nomination Form

Washington State Oral Health Coalition Board of Directors Job Description

The Washington State Oral Health Coalition (WSOHC) is a broad based group of organizations and individuals whose mission is to promote and advocate for optimal oral health for all Washington State residents. WSOHC was founded in 1993, and is a member of the American Network of Oral Health Coalitions.

The coalition strives to build a Washington in which everyone has optimal oral health throughout their lifespan, regardless of household income, geographic location, physical or behavioral ability, or their race/ethnicity. In this Washington, it is understood that oral health is critical to overall health and wellbeing and oral health care is accessible and well integrated with broader health delivery systems.

The WSOHC Board of Directors sets policy for the organization; ensures that it is operated in a legal, ethical, and professional manner; assists with member recruitment and fundraising when appropriate, and represents the WSOHC in collaborative efforts across the state, region, and nation that seek optimal oral health for Washington residents. 

Board members serve three-year terms. Terms begin immediately following elections held during the annual meeting of the WSOHC. The Board has a minimum of five directors and a maximum of eleven. Of the Board members, at least one must be a dentist, one must be a dental hygienist, and one must be a consumer. Board membership includes balanced representation from eastern and western Washington.  

The Board meets quarterly, with at least one meeting in person, typically our annual meeting. Additional special meetings may be called by the Chair. Teleconference technology is provided to facilitate meeting attendance. When funding is available, meeting travel costs may be covered. 

The Board elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from among the members; each officer serves for a one-year term. The Board has four standing committees: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Board Development and Governance Committee, and Issue/Advocacy Committee. Each Board member is to serve on at least one committee. Additional ad hoc committees may form as needed. 

Board member responsibilities and expectations:

  • Support the principles and purposes of the WSOHC and good oral health for all Washingtonians
  • Be knowledgeable about the coalition’s mission, bylaws, services, policies, and positions
  • Be prepared and attend meetings in person or by phone or other electronic medium as is appropriate, and inform the Chair of planned absences in advance
  • Participate on appropriate committees both within and externally on behalf of the WSOHC
  • Act as a good-will ambassador for the WSOHC
  • Engage fully in strategic planning and policy development
  • Recruit new WSOHC members and nominate members to fill Board vacancies as appropriate
  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the field of oral health
  • Follow WSOHC policies (Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality, Code of Ethical Policies, etc.)
  • Assist in carrying out the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities

Guiding Principles
The Board of Directors shall make decisions that reflect concern for and knowledge of the WSOHC’s needs and development.  Board members shall, to the best of their abilities, attend meetings, become well-informed about the work of the Board and be prepared to fully express their views and ask discerning questions.  Decisions will be reached after encouraging and exploring all points of view. Each Board member, regardless of personal point of view, is responsible to support the decisions of the Board in public. No Board member has any right or authority to act upon his/her own in the name of the organization unless delegated specific authority by the Board of Directors.


Questions may be directed to Pat Brown at