WSDA Retrospective Rating (Retro) Program

Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency (WDIA) is preparing to launch a new program that will provide a significant benefit to ​Washington dentists. 



Dentists must be WSDA members to enroll in the program.

Program Benefits

  • Save 15-50% ​on workers comp premiums annually
  • ​Potentially save more in premium dollars than you pay in ​Tripartite dues
  • Receive support​ on your workers comp claims
Washington state law allows businesses affiliated with an association to participate in a Retrospective Rating (Retro) program whereby these businesses can be refunded workers comp premiums retroactively if the claims expenses for the group are below standard premiums.

In association-sponsored Retros, the association assumes risk for the group; it pays an assessment if claims exceed the standard premium and it can distribute refunds to members if claims are below the standard premium.

Established Retro programs can provide participating members with a refund of approximately 15% to 50% of workers comp premiums on an annual basis. Depending upon the number of employees enrolled, a participating member’s savings could exceed the cost of their tripartite dues.

WSDA is looking to sign dental offices up to participate in a WSDA-sponsored Retro program run through WDIA. To be viable, a large number of Washington’s dentists need to participate. 

More ​program information and a sign-up form will be available online soon. Please email to learn more or sign up.

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