Insurance ​For Dentists

Washington Dentists' Insurance Agency, wholly owned by the WSDA, helps dentists simplify the process of selecting the right insurance at a reasonable price and is the only insurance agency that is specifically geared to meet the needs of Washington dentists, their families, and their staff.

Visit or call (800) 282-9342 to learn about any of the following policies.
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Disability Policies

  • Personal Disability - 10% Discount for WSDA Members!
  • Business Overhead Expense - 10% Discount for WSDA Members!
  • Business Loan Protection

​​TDIC Policies

  • Professional Liability (Malpractice Coverage)
  • Business Owners Policy
  • Employer Protection Liability

​Life Insurance Policy

  • Life Insurance

​Long Term Care Policy

  • Long Term Care

​Medical Insurance Policies

  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Individual Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Supplements/MedAdvantage Plans
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

​​​Travel Insurance Policies

  • Air Medical Transport
  • Travel Insurance

​​CyberSecurity Policy

  • CyberSecurity Protection


  • ERISA Bond
  • Employee Dishonesty Bond