Vaccine Update: Updated Provider List, Voucher Letter, Employee Mandate Info

As of today, the Department of Health (DOH) has provided two methods for dental teams to verify their Phase 1A status and find a location to receive the vaccine in their area.

Updated DOH Find Your Phase Tool Provider List

Earlier this week, we shared the new DOH Find Your Phase tool, which helps those who are eligible to receive the vaccine find out where they can go to get vaccinated.

The tool, which is still in its beta phase, does the following:

  1. Assesses vaccine eligibility and provides confirmation that can be used at a vaccine administration site in lieu of an official letter. (Note: Vaccine providers are likely to ask for ID.)
  2. Identifies where eligible persons can go to get vaccinated by county.

Once the tool confirms your eligibility, the confirmation page will include a link to a website that lists providers that are vaccinating people outside of their system/facility with contact information to schedule an appointment.

Please note: Following a brief period of down-time, this website is now live and updated with more complete information by county. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and this tool includes the most current information available at this time. DOH will continue to work with providers to add them to this list.

To receive a confirmation of Phase 1A status and find a list of currently available vaccination locations by county, visit

DOH Find Your Phase Tool

DOH Releases Vaccine Voucher Letter Resource

In addition to the Find Your Phase tool, DOH has released a document detailing how employers can provide a voucher letter to identify workers who qualify for the vaccine in Phase 1A but whose employers aren’t offering the vaccine directly.

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Please note: To WSDA’s knowledge, the voucher letter seems to be another option in addition to using the confirmation provided through DOH’s Find Your Phase tool. The list of vaccine providers offered by DOH is the same for both the Find Your Phase tool and voucher letter options.

Can Employers Mandate the COVID-19 Vaccine for Employees?

The following resources, provided by both the ADA and WSDA’s outside legal counsel, Studebaker Nault, answer questions regarding whether dental offices can mandate that their staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

WSDA has created to compile vaccine-related updates for Washington dentists and their teams. We will continue to email members directly as updates become available.


Dr. Dennis Bradshaw
WSDA President