Proposed Changes to Overtime Eligibility

The Department of Labor and Industries has proposed new changes to overtime eligibility. Submit comments on the pre-draft proposed rule by December 14.
In March 2018, the Department of Labor and Industries began rulemaking to address Executive, Administrative and Professional (EAP) exemptions from the Minimum Wage Act. The anticipated changes are intended to take effect in 2020 and render more workers eligible for overtime benefits.

You can find the proposed draft changes here

Employees making over $24,000 are currently exempt from overtime rules. The most recent pre-draft language would raise the salary threshold to between 2 and 2.5 times the state minimum wage for a 40 hour work week. Since the minimum wage in Washington state will increase to $13.50 in 2020, the new threshold would be equivalent to a salary of between $56,160 and $70,200 a year.

The second pre-draft proposed rule is open for public comments until December 14, 2018

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