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Apply for the WSDA Leadership Institute

Are you looking for more ways to get involved in organized dentistry? Apply to join the WSDA Leadership Institute!

The WSDA Leadership Institute is a program designed to foster new leadership in organized dentistry by getting participants involved in a variety of WSDA activities and meetings. The program provides an opportunity for members to gain a better understanding of organized dentistry at the state level and to build relationships with current WSDA leaders.

Participants will be paired with WSDA Board members who will shepherd them through several activities tailored to developing emerging leaders from within our membership.

Leadership Institute events include:

  • January 11: Association background & past presidents round table discussion (Seattle)
  • January 30 & 31: Dental Action Day (Olympia)
  • Varying Dates: Committee meeting of participant's choice (Seattle)
  • May 10: WSDA Board of Directors meeting (Seattle)
  • September 26-28: House of Delegates (Spokane)

We encourage members from anywhere in the state to apply. All program costs are paid by WSDA, including airfare, hotels, meals, and transportation.

Applications are due by Friday, November 30, 2018.

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