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The 2018 Individual Medical Annual Open Enrollment Period Is Here

Learn about changes to this year's Individual Medical Annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) from the experts at Washington Dentists' Insurance Agency (WDIA).
Deadline to apply for January 1, 2018: December 15. For rates, plans and how to apply, visit ​the Washington Dentists Insurance Agency (WDIA) website.

This year’s Individual Medical Annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) will bring changes to most people who currently have individual coverage including carrier availability, narrowing of provider networks and rate increases. Do not delay in starting your research for what carriers are available and if your providers are part of the network. This year, no carriers will offer a broad PPO network (Preferred Provider network) for individual plans. Carriers now offer either EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) or HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) networks. In addition, carriers no longer cover out-of-network providers (meaning that if you see a doctor that is not in your network, you will pay the full cost of your care). 

This OEP, many people who have purchased their individual coverage directly from a carrier in previous years will need to use the Exchange to purchase their insurance. Please visit the WDIA website for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for coverage on the Exchange. 

Lastly, consider a small group medical plan for your office as an alternative to individual medical coverage: it is a great employee benefit and offers more stability in plans and provider networks than the current individual market. A group medical plan can have one or more members. For a one member group, the member must be an employee, it cannot be the business owner or their spouse. Obtain a group medical quote from WDIA.

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