House of Delegates


September 13-15, Walla Walla, Wash. 

The 2012 House of Delegates convened on September 13, 2012, to vote on resolutions put forth by the Board of Directors and component societies, as well as to vote on officer, board, ADA, and committee positions.  

Following vigorous debate, the House approved two of this year's central resolutions: HD-13-2012 (with amendments), an alternative to dental midlevel providers (click here for more information), and HD-05-2012, a resolution removing the $125 special assessment as scheduled, resulting in a $125 reduction to the WSDA portion of tripartite dues for full-paying members. 

What follows is a synopsis of each approved resolution, with a link to the resolution in its entirety. Additionally, we're providing the names of the resolutions that were rejected, and one resolution that was eventually substituted by another. Thank you to all who attended the HOD!


HD-03-2012 · Acceptance of WSDA Audit for the Year Ending September 30, 2011 Affairs · Click here for full resolution

Accepts the audit for the year ending September 30, 2011, prepared by Clark Nuber, Certified Public Accountants.


HD-04-2012 · WSDA 2012/2013 Budget Affairs · Click here for full resolution

Accepts the budget for the coming fiscal year.


HD-05-2012 · WSDA Dues for 2013 · Click here for full resolution

(Bylaw Amendment) 

Formally removes the special assessment of $125 from the WSDA membership dues as scheduled. Full paying members will see a reduction of $125 to the WSDA portion of their 2013 tripartite membership dues.


HD-06-2012 · Nominations for Elective Office Delegates · Click here for full resolution

Accepted the names submitted for nomination of offices indicated, with the understanding that further nominations might come from the floor.


HD-07-2012 · Location of the 2015 House of Delegates · Click here for full resolution

Accepts the location of the 2015 WSDA House of Delegates to be Spokane, Washington, at The Davenport Hotel, September 17-19.


HD-08-2012 · WSDA Legislative Agenda for 2013 · Click here for full resolution

States the types of legislation that the WSDA will both support and reject in the coming legislative session including supporting state revenue policies that are fair to dentistry, opposing tax and fee increases that negatively affect dentistry, supporting the preservation and extension of funding for dental Medicaid, dental residency programs, Federally Qualified Health Center dental clinics, loan repayment programs, and other state funded initiatives which reduce barriers to dental care without compromising patient safety; and opposing any legislation which expands the scope of practice of denturists or the unsupervised practice of dental hygiene.


HD-10-2012 · Committee on Government Affairs · Click here for full resolution

 (Bylaw Amendment)

Eliminates the Legislative Director in 2013, to be replaced by the president’s appointment of an at-large member of the Committee on Government Affairs for a two-year term. The following year, when the vice president position is eliminated, an additional, at-large member of this committee will be appointed by the president.


HD-12-2012 · Vice President · Click here for full resolution

 (Bylaw and Articles of Incorporation Amendment)

Eliminates the position of Vice President effective in October 2013, and calls for the President-elect to take on the additional title of Corporate Vice President.


HD-13-2012 · Alternative to Dental Midlevel Providers · Click here for full resolution 

Click here for a side-by-side comparison between 2012 midlevel provider legislation and HD-13-2012

Proposes legislation that will do the following:

• Creates a new dental extender (called an Advanced Function Dental Auxiliary or AFDA) who will work under the supervision of a dentist

• Prevents individuals with limited training from performing irreversible procedures without the direct supervision of a dentist

• Limits the practice of AFDAs to community health centers approved by the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC)


HD-14-2012 · Dental License Renewal Regulations Change · Click here for full resolution

States that the WSDA will seek regulatory and/or legislative relief for dentists that would result in preventing the Department of Health from suspending a license to practice without a process in place to remedy the missing of a licensure renewal date.


HD-15-2012 · Alternative Reimbursement Plans and Road Map to a Healthy Future in Dentistry · Click here for full resolution

Calls for the WSDA to renew its direct reimbursement commitment for small companies and employers, and to write a white paper describing how how organized dentistry can partner with member dentists to be liberated from the controls of traditional dental insurance and establish a healthy dental image. 



HD-09-2012, Committee on Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (Bylaw Amendment)

HD-11-2012, House of Delegates (Articles of Incorporation Amendment)



HD-05-2012, WSDA Dues for 2013 (Bylaw Amendment)



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