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DentPAC (the Washington State Dental Association Political Action Committee) is a state-level PAC formed to fund candidates and political causes that support the goals of organized dentistry. Campaign contributions are made to statewide and legislative candidates and ballot initiatives, such as fluoridation measures. DentPAC also provides information and training on political affairs affecting dentistry.

DentPAC does not make contributions based on a candidate's party affiliation. The sole reason to fund candidates is to build a positive relationship with them, one that allows access to voice dentistry's position on legislation that affects the profession. The DentPAC Board determines contribution levels upon advice of WSDA's lobbyists, staff and Grassroots dentists who are familiar with candidates. Dentists have learned that their contribution through DentPAC speaks for the profession, even if they might individually oppose the candidate's views on other issues not related to dentistry.

DentPAC also manages the grassroots dentist lobbying network. Dentists can join Dental Action Teams in each legislative district to form an effective local lobbying force on issues.

DentPAC is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors appointed for two-year terms by the WSDA Board of Directors. Nine Board members represent geographic areas that are similar to Washington's nine congressional districts. Two directors hold at-large positions. Others serving on the Board include the WSDA president-elect, legislative director, School of Dentistry student representative, and a representative of the WSDA Alliance. DentPAC is funded from a $75 annual allocation from each member’s dues and from voluntary contributions.

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