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An Appeal From WSDA President Dr. David Minahan

Your profession needs your help. From October 23-26, the Seattle/King County community, working in conjunction with Remote Area Medical (RAM), will conduct a four day charity event at the Seattle Center. A large number of people needing dental care are expected and we need you and your staff to help us treat them. Equipment, instruments, supplies, meals, snacks and parking are provided. All you need to do is come and contribute your expertise, skills and compassion! You can volunteer for one day, two days, or all four days. We just need you and your team there! Register now please.

I realize you often provide pro bono care to your patient population. This event is another opportunity to show Washington what the dental community does day in and day out. All eyes will be on the Seattle Center during these four days and we need to ensure that our profession is represented in the right way. As major partners for this event, the WSDA, WAGD, Seattle-King County Dental Society, WSDHA, WSSOMS and the UW School of Dentistry, have committed to make this clinic a success, but we can’t do it without the help of our members and their staff.

Dr. Jeff Parrish, clinic director, asks that if you can’t make the clinic, please volunteer to be the dental home for ONE patient that is seen during this event. Finding a dental home, where patients can receive care on a regular basis, is paramount to solving access issues in our state. Just email with the subject line “Take One” and we will provide your contact information to ONE patient from this clinic who resides in your area.

Thank you for your time, continued support of organized dentistry, and all that you do to provide the highest quality of care for our citizens.


Dr. David Minahan
Washington State Dental Association


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