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Dr. Robin Henderson Honored with Army National Guard "Boss Lift"

Images courtesy of Scott HendersonDr. Robin Henderson was recently honored by the Army National Guard as part of their "Boss Lift" program, which bridges civilian employers with their citizen soldier employees by hosting a day of Guard-related activities including helicopter rides, a lunch of standard field rations (or MREs; meals-ready-to-eat), a ride in a Humvee, and more. Dr. Henderson and her husband, Scott enjoyed the activities and the opportunity to get to know more about the Guard and the Reserve.

Employers are selected for the event because of their ongoing support of staff involved in the Guard, which considers those who employ Guardsmen an integral part of the success of the program. In fact, the Guard uses the analogy of a three-legged stool, saying, "Soldier, family, employer — you have to have all three for the Guard to work effectively." A guard spokesman says, "“The big picture is that we want people to see is how vital the Guard and Reserve is to the defense of our nation. We need everyone’s support to make it work."

For more information about the Boss Lift program or the Army National Guard, go to: or call: (602) 629-4031.


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