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Be A Hero, Help A Hero

Dr. Theresa Cheng has been at the forefront of delivering dental care to veterans for years. She’s been joined by many other dentists who also want to give back, and together they’re created a system serving Veterans who have been deployed to wars (they verify with DD214 forms), who have no dental insurance (The VA does not provide dental care for most veterans) and who have financial challenges. The group's goal is to goal is to eliminate pain and infection and restore to a reasonably functional state.

She says, "We have much to do in healing our veterans. As many of you are aware, I and a group of dentists have been providing free dental care to help heal our veterans. Different levels of donated care are needed to provide care to veterans who are at different stages of life. Some will only want to deal with an urgent need, so Stand Downs, Medical Van dental care are still needed to provide that. The veterans we have been working with are motivated, able people who have fallen on hard times and needed some help. They are obligated to have good home care and encouraged to pay for subsequent on-going maintenance (some might be at a discount per the dentist.), so the dental care provided will be sustainable. They are also required to show up on time for their appointments."

Cheng needs volunteer dentists in Spokane and Yakima — are you ready to volunteer? Call the group at (425) 392-8992 for more information.

Click here to see a YouTube video about the program and here to read about the group's work in a piece by The Seattle Times.

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