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When deciding what credit card processing company to use in your dental office, please pay attention to the details of the contract. Many credit card processing companies quote a low teaser rate, but their contracts are riddled with hidden fees and downgrades that are buried in the fine print. HINT: if you need a magnifying glass to read a merchant services contract, BEWARE. Finally, the Federal Trade Commission is starting to monitor and hold accountable those companies using devious tactics - see But there is no need for you to fall prey to one of these devious processing companies. We suggest someone on your dental team reach out to Best Card, LLC.

Best Card was selected as an endorsed company by the Washington State Dental Association because they have proven that they can save dental practices money and their customer service is among the best in the business. Endorsed by a dozen state dental associations from New York to Washington, Texas to Montana, the average dental practice saves $1,399 per year with BEST CARD, a 26% savings over prior processors! When you call Best Card, you get people not prompts, $0 monthly minimums and you can leave the program anytime with a low $25 close fee ($0 after three years).

Sign up with Best Card by April 15, 2014 and you can earn $100 BONUS in your third month of processing (prorated if credit card processing volume is less than $8,000 per month).  Or you may immediately apply this money towards new EMV “chip technology” equipment or an online processing system.

Fax a credit card processing statement to 866.717.7247. Or email it to Best Card will send you a detailed no-obligation cost comparison and a $5 Starbucks card.

Call 877-739-3952 to learn more or visit

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