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2014 PNDC HIGHLIGHTS: Optimize your Practice: CDT Code, Claims and More

Is your office up to code? There are many changes to the CDT Code in 2014. Having accurate and consistent procedure reporting on claim forms or patient records are hallmarks of a successful office.  

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Optimize your Practice: CDT Code, Claims and More · Dr. Ronald Riggins · 3 CDE Credits
Recommended for: Dentists, hygienists, assistants and front office staff

Familiarity with the Code on Dental Procedures & Nomenclature (CDT Code) enables you to document dental services, as well as recognize claim adjudication errors. The CDT Code is a component of patient records and dental claims, both paper and electronic, and enables you to receive timely reimbursement for services rendered.  This lecture is an intensive interactive session that features coding scenarios arising from actual clinical cases.
Learning Objectives:

• Identify changes and how to use new, revised and continuing procedure codes

• Understand the CDT Code maintenance process, and how to submit their own change request

• Recognize possible inappropriate CDT Code use, or misuse, by third-party payers, especially in claimn        adjudication
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