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Dental Licensure Fees: DOH has proposed lowering dental license renewal fees by $176. The current license renewal fee of $576 is the second highest dental license renewal fee in the nation. Initial dental license fees are also expected to drop $200. The current initial dental license fee is $700. More information on the proposed fee reduction can be found here.

Dental Anesthesia Assistants: On July 23, 2013 the Department of Health issued the final rule making order for dental anesthesia assistants.  DOH will begin issuing credentials for dental anesthesia assistants on August 23, 2013.

Dental Hygienists: DQAC is in the process of updating their rules to comply with the passage of House Bill 1330. HB 1330 permits dental hygienists to place topical anesthetic under general supervision and assistants and EFDAs to place topical anesthetic under close supervision. State rules must be changed to add topical anesthetic to the list of procedures that hygienists can perform under general supervision. DQAC had incorporated topical anesthetic language into the rules for dental assistants and EFDAs prior to the passage of HB 1330.

Dental Treatment Records: DOH recently adopted updated rules for allowable fees health care providers may charge for searching and duplicating patient health records. The new rules which amend WAC 246-08-400 were filed with the Code Reviser’s Office on July 1, 2013. The updated fees are as follows: no more than $1.09 per page for the first 30 pages and no  more than $0.82 per page for all additional pages.

BOTOX®: DQAC submitted the final version of their interpretative statement on BOTOX® at their July meeting. The interpretative statement has been filed with the Code Revisers Office and is pending approval.

DQAC Appointments: Last week, Governor Inslee made his first member appointments to the Dental Quality Assurance Commission. The appointees consist of four dentists, two EFDAs and one member from the public. The following is a list of the newly appointed commissioners:

•    Dr. Karim Alibhai
•    Kara Baza, EFDA
•    Dr. Paul Bryan (2nd term)
•    Bree Kramer, EFDA
•    Dr. John Liu
•    Colleen Madden, Public Member (2nd term)
•    Dr. Benjamin Weege

Upcoming Meetings: DQAC will meet again Friday, September 13, 2013.

WSDA staff will continue to update members of all rule changes impacting the dental profession. If you have any additional regulatory questions, please contact WSDA Government Affairs Coordinator, Mike Walsh at 800-448-3365 or by email at

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