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Join the Nation’s Network Today! National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Update

The National Dental PBRN is recruiting dental practitioners to participate in one of several clinical studies that will be implemented over the next few months. Enrolled dentists and hygienists will also be able to attend the Western Region’s annual meeting in Seattle this September.      

The Network will soon launch the following studies, beginning with the Cracked Teeth Registry:

Cracked Teeth Registry, led by OHSU Drs. Tom Hilton and Jack Ferracane, involves 200-300 dentists nationwide (up-to 50 in the Western Region) and 3,000 cracked teeth   

Barriers and Facilitators to Isolation Methods During Root Canal Treatment, led by University of Alabama-Birmingham’s Dr. Wynne Norton, involves over 60 dentists/endodontists 

Suspicious Occlusal Caries Diagnosis and Treatment led by University of Alabama-Birmingham’s Dr. Sonia Makhija, involves 40 general dentists

HPV Screening in Dental Offices and Oral Cancer Prevention, pilot study led by Ohio State’s Dr. Maura Gillison, involves 20 general dentists and 1,000 patients  

Communication Patterns Among Dental Practitioners, led by Dr. Wynne  Norton, involves over 1,000 dentists
For additional information about current studies in development, visit here.

Western Region Annual Meeting, September 27 – 28, 2013: Join us in Seattle, Washington at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the second Annual Meeting of the Western Region National Dental Network! There is no cost to attend the meeting and meals are provided. Continuing education credits are available. Registration priority will be given to National Dental PBRN members that have completed network enrollment.
Annual Meeting information is available here.
About the National Dental Network: The nation’s network conducts research in working dental offices, with real-life patients, on topics relevant to daily clinical practice. Hygienists and dentists partner with Network researchers to evaluate existing and novel strategies for improving patients’ oral health. There is no cost to join the network, and practitioners receive CE credit and remuneration for study-related activities. 

Eligibility: We invite dentists, researchers and hygienists providing general and specialty care to join the National Dental PBRN. 

Enrollment: To join the network, visit our website here
and click “Enroll Now.” After completing the enrollment questionnaire, you will be contacted by staff from the Western Region of the Network. Additional information about the network and enrollment are available at the website.
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