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Workshops at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference are selling quickly but there are still opportunities for you to receive one-on-one instruction from our renowned speakers. If you haven't already, register here for the PNDC today!

Here is a look at just a few of the workshops that are still available: 
This hands-on workshop will focus on the different techniques utilized in crown extension. Indications and contraindications for crown lengthening will be addressed. The concept of biologic width as it applies to crown extension will be covered. Soft and hard tissue surgical approaches will be emphasized. Proper case selection, flap types and management from incisions, flap elevation and positioning and suturing techniques will also be covered. Participants will benefit from this hands-on program and will learn to improve care for the restorative patient and broaden procedures in their practices. Participants should have experience and knowledge of basic periodontal surgery.
This hands-on workshop will provide participants the opportunity to use "Real World Endo" techniques and to witness first-hand how those techniques will change the way they practice endodontics. In addition to instrumentation techniques, a demonstration will show how to perform "synchronized hydraulic condensation." Time will also be dedicated to "preventing the separation of rotary files" and the use of piezo electric ultrasonics will be available at all times.

Embezzlement: For Your Eyes (and Ears) Only - Ms. Susan Gunn 
Do you have the gut feeling that all is not safe and secure? Could your hard-earned money be walking out of your practice's door without you? Discover which practice vulnerabilities could entice dishonesty. Learn to weave accountability "threads" and implement safeguards to avoid being the victim of financial dishonesty and deceit. Note: This workshop is for dentists and their spouses only.

An Introduction to Spanish - Mr. Gene Flanery 
Every dentist should know how to communicate with their patients effectively but how can you do this with your Spanish speaking patients if you don't speak Spanish? This workshop will teach you how to properly greet your Spanish speaking patients, identify terms used to describe and locate pain, as well as teach you the correct Spanish terms for oral hygiene, fillings, and extractions No Spanish skills are needed to participate in this workshop.

Adding Incisal Length for Function and Esthetics - Dr. Corky Willhite 
This workshop is aimed at the dentist who wants to offer a more practical and affordable option to patients who traditionally would be prepped for porcelain restoration to add incisal length to small or worn teeth. This experience will help you to immediately improve traditional resin restorations and understand how to use composite in situations typically only done in porcelain. Participants will complete their own composite restoration featuring one of the most common situations - making a worn tooth longer and function better.

The Art and Science of Micro-Ultrasonic Instrumentation in Perio Theraphy - Dr. Samuel Low 
This workshop leaves traditional root planning techniques behind and moves into a new era of providing periodontal care through technology. By incorporating a combination of both manual and ultrasonic instrumentation in tandem with anti-inflammatories, the participant is taken to new heights in providing a synergistic level of care. 

Let's Stick Together: Simplifying Indirect and Direct Restorations with the Most Successful Materials Ever - Dr. Jack Griffin 
Let’s stop the madness! This workshop will focus on bonding, adhesion, and using them with current indirect and direct materials. With today’s arsenal of excellent materials we can minimize sensitivity, decrease de-bonding, stop microleakage, and create restorations for years of excellent service. We will simplify materials and techniques that provide predictable restorations for patient happiness and office efficiency. After a short lecture to describe the basics, we will practice what we teach with the newest, most predictable materials available. The goal is more efficient restorations with happier patients.

Equipment Maintenance, Handpiece Repairs Done in the Office - Mr. Brent Winkler 
Attendees at this hands-on workshop will be taught how to make basic dental equipment repairs in their office.  Henry Schein Dental demonstrates how the pros do it.  From fixing the leaky water syringe to making adjustments to instrument sterilization,  you will have a better understanding of how to maintain your equipment and save money. Whether you have owned your own practice for years or are just beginning your career, you can benefit from this workshop.

Let's Do It! Social Media, Online Marketing, and Search Engine Optimizaion - Sesame Communications 

According to Nielsen, the average U.S. consumer now spends over seven hours per month on Facebook.  Social networking has quickly moved from being a passing trend to an essential way for current and prospective patients to connect with your practice and share their experiences with others online.  As your current and prospective patients continue to use social networks, now is the time for you to place your practice where your patients are - online.  Leave this hands-on workshop with the knowledge and explicit instructions on how to interact with your patient community to get found today.


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