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The Department of Health will now accept online applications for first-time dental assistant who have never been credentialed with the State of Washington. Dental assistants have been able to renew their credential online since last June.

Certain circumstances still prohibit dental assistants from renewing online such as:

•    Their credential has expired
•    They have changed their address
•    They have changed their name
•    Their credential is in military, inactive or retired status
•    There are any restrictions on their credential
•    They wish to change their status from active to military, inactive or retired

In order to become a registered dental assistant in the state of Washington, applicants must fill out the dental assistant application, pay all necessary fees, and complete seven hours of HIV/AIDS training. WSDA offers a free HIV/AIDS training course on our website.

Dental assistants are required to renew their registration each year before their birthday. The application fee for first time dental assistant applicants is $40.00 and the yearly renewal fee is $21.00. A convenience fee of $4.00 will be added for all online registrations and renewals.

The Department of Health typically processes dental assistant renewals within seven business days of receiving the application. First-time applicants may have to wait longer for their applications to be processed. To check on the status of your dental assistant registration visit the Provider Credential Search or contact the Department of Health at 360-236-4700.

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