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WSDA and The Source welcome Office Depot as the newly endorsed vendor for practice supplies. “Office Depot has systems and programs in place that will not only save our members money, but time as well,” said Kainoa Trotter, Director of Membership and Communications, “And they have a number of additional services that will streamline the ordering process, whether your practice is big or small.”

Kevin Patton, Office Depot’s liaison with the WSDA says, “We offer uncompromised ease of ordering for WSDA members. Once members have registered at the online portal, they can purchase anything Office Depot sells through the website, in any of the 37 brick-and-mortar locations we have across the state, even on our app – the only one like it offered. “ 

Office Depot creates value for members several ways. First, they’ve looked at the products that WSDA members typically buy from office supply vendors, and consolidated those products to a core contract — the first items WSDA members will see when they log on to Office Depot’s business portal. By identifying which products WSDA members order the most, they can offer steep discounts on those items, averaging about 55 percent off. Then, when members are shopping in brick-and-mortar locations,  store systems will identify them as WSDA members by their registered credit card number and automatically give them the best price – whether it’s the special in-store pricing for a promotion, or the member-discounted rate.  Thirdly, Office Depot creates value for our members by allowing for consolidated ordering, saving your staff time — Office Depot offers a wide variety of services and products, including printing and medical supplies — “Our medical supply costs are extremely competitive,” Patton notes. They even sell break room snacks and goods more commonly associated with competitors like Costco, including coffee. 

To keep WSDA members in the loop, Office Depot will present web meetings to highlight program amenities and offer education about using the system and taking advantage of savings. The meetings are live and interactive, and allow members to hear the other participants’ comments and questions. Patton says, “The best thing about Office Depot’s business portal is the ease of ordering, and the fact that office staff will no longer have to call multiple vendors. There’s a real convenience factor with Office Depot, leaving them more time to focus on other practice business.” 

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