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Medicaid Billing · Dianne Baum
Friday, June 14 from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm · Code 14

When ProviderOne was first chosen as the state’s Medicaid billing software, a cry arose from dentists around the state. Ponderous and confusing, the program was vilified, justly or not. Dianne Baum, the dental program administrator for the Health Care Authority, will be at the PNDC to convince you otherwise. “Many people were frustrated by the process, and they felt like they couldn’t get into ProviderOne in the beginning. That issue has been resolved, but I don’t think that anybody has shown them how to register and access the portal and submit a claim.” She continues, “Reimbursements are instant now — if staff uses direct data entry to post a claim on Monday and there are no errors (which show on screen as they were processing the claim) it will pay that following Friday.”

Baum will teach attendees how to register, how to add employees to ProviderOne, and how to do direct data entry. Additionally, she and co-presenters Gary Monroe and Matt Ashton will review how to submit authorizations and use proper taxonomy, which has now been simplified with the use of a pull-down menu. “The simple effect of the recent workshops we held in Olympia is that attendees have gone back and fired their clearing houses, because they had no idea that they could do direct data entry in their office, or how easy it is to do. Direct data entry claims are really very simple – they’re as easy as any online purchase. Once providers figure this out, they should see their problems with the system evaporate.” If you’re currently using a clearinghouse and have had poor luck with the ProviderOne system, this workshop is just for you.

The course will be useful for any practice taking Medicaid patients now, or who might in the future. And, as Baum notes, “If the state is able to restore adult dental Medicaid in the future, you’re going to want to understand the system.” Even if that never happens, direct data entry takes a lot of the problems out of the equation, “I still see a lot of dentists submitting paper claims,” says Baum, “And they probably have a 60 percent denial rate and take 30 days to process. So if we can get them to switch over to direct data entry or another method of electronic submission, they’re going to be so much happier and more likely to have their claims paid — and paid quickly!”

The trainings in Olympia have filled up within ten minutes of being announced, and people who have taken the class have loved it. At the PNDC, we’re bringing Baum and her team to you, so you don’t have to travel. Plus, as Baum notes, “I give every attendee my business card so they can email me personally with questions and concerns.” Now that’s service!

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