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You CAN Survive WDS! A FREE Webinar with Dr. Rhonda Savage

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Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Savage, Miles Global

Date & Time: April 23, Noon-1pm

Cost: Free for WSDA members and their staff

2012 marked a full year of WDS cuts. Some dentists have sold, folded or merged their practice. Many, however, have thrived and increased their net.  

What are some of the best practice methodologies in a PPO world? This webinar will highlight ways you can grow your practice, including ways to reach quality patients with your marketing efforts.  It's time to think like a patient. The goal is to maintain quality of care and nurture the patient relationship, yet have every team member critically aware of the bottom line.

Learning Objectives:
· Learn what technology you should research and consider adding to your mix of services
· Discover how to grow through communication and teamwork
· Examine your periodontal program: How do you rank?
· Understand overhead: what's the norm?
· Explore marketing: Traditional, digital and interactive

Want more information?This webinar wil be supported in more detail in Dr. Savage’s PNDC courses, The Savage Bottom Line and Your Fantastic Dental Team and What Makes it Work

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