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Did you know that more than half of the WSDA’s membership is age 50 or older? It is a statistic seen throughout the nation and as the baby boomer generation begins to retire it is important to reach out to our next generation of leaders and introduce them to both the tangible and intangible benefits of organized dentistry.

Are you up to the challenge of helping us recruit new members? We certainly hope so but just to make sure here are a few incentives to really get you excited.

The 12th Man Challenge:  A competition between the component societies to see which one can successfully recruit the most non-members. The three component societies that see the largest percentage increase in membership based solely off their recruitment efforts will be awarded multiple pairs of tickets to a suite at a Seahawks game. Only those who participated in the recruitment will be eligible to win tickets. Additionally, the member who recruits the most non-members, regardless of component society, will also be awarded a pair of tickets to the game. The more you recruit, the higher your chances of rooting on the Seahawks from a suite at Century Link Field. Once you recruit a new member make sure to fill out this form to receive credit and potentially get your name entered into the raffle.

PNDC Incentive: Recruit any non-member to join and we will issue both you and the new member dentist complimentary full conference badges to the PNDC (a $200 value per badge).

Member Get a Member: For any non-member you recruit (a few restrictions apply) the ADA will issue you a $100 American Express gift card. You can recruit up to five non-members through this incentive for a grand total of up to $500 in gift cards. Once you recruit a member simply fill out this form to ensure you receive credit

Free Component Society Dinner: Bring any non-member with you to a component society meeting and the WSDA will pay for their meal.

For more information on the incentives listed please click here. For any questions on recruitment activities please email

Happy recruiting!

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