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Recently, the WSDA Board of Directors directed the creation of a task force on membership to examine and diagnose recruitment and retention issues facing the WSDA. The group has their first meeting today, Friday, March 8, and will meet both in person and via conference calls throughout the year to create an action plan for the Association. 

Dr. Theodore M. Baer, task force Chair and Board liaison, said "We have to first understand the depth of the issue and the factors at play before we can develop a course of action." Once their fact-finding mission is complete, the task force will be responsible for developing a comprehensive recruitment and retention plan that is reflective of today's environment. The group will present their recommendations to the WSDA Board of Directors for review and implementation later this year.

In addition to Dr. Baer, task force members include Dr. Sabrina Habib, Seattle-King County Dental Society, Dr. Jeffery Henneberg, Spokane District Dental Society, Dr. Randall H. Ogata, Seattle-King County Dental Society, Dr. Daniel Tremblay, Currently in the Yakima Residency Program, Dr. Michael Warner, Clark County Dental Society, and Ms. Sandra Anderson, Seattle-King County Dental Society Director of Membership Services.

There are many incentives for helping the WSDA recruit new members — learn about them here
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