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This week, three groups of students from the Seattle Academy volunteered to help Washington Oral Health Foundation staff assemble goodie bags and address thank you letters as part of “The Seattle Challenge experience.” The Challenge is a three-day urban experience designed as a retreat for the Academy’s 8th grade students, and is modeled after a similar program at Seattle Pacific University that explores the experiences of both the urban residential poor and the homeless. Students experienced some of the feelings of frustration and hopelessness common to the poor.

Their days were divided between supervised work projects with local social service agencies like WOHF, and walks through the city to visit the agencies and organizations that support the poor and homeless. Evenings were devoted to speakers and processing the events of the day.

The goal of the three-day event is to provide opportunities for students to contribute to the larger community by encouraging them to respond creatively to the demands of citizenship in a diverse and changing society. We salute these young citizens of Seattle as they work to understand the plight of other, less fortunate people!

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