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In 2009, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) began the rulemaking process on rules related to dental records. This rulemaking process was halted with an all state agency rulemaking moratorium issued by Governor Christine Gregoire in 2010. Now that the moratorium has been lifted, DQAC plans to proceed with writing rules related to dental records. In late March, a draft rule was released to the public. Click here to review the draft rule. These draft rules include the following items:

  • Licensed dentists who treat patients must have legible, complete, and accurate patient records that meet the generally accepted standard of care for each patient.
  • Patient records must include: provider of treatment and date for each entry, up-to-date treatment plan, up-to-date dental and medical history that may affect dental treatment, notation of communication to and from patients, posttreatment instructions, patient complaints and resolutions, and several other items.
  • Retention of molds or study models beyond orthodontia or full mouth reconstruction is at the discretion of the practitioner.
  • Notes cannot be erased or deleted from the record.
  • Records of patients over the age of 18 must be kept for a least six years.
  • Records of patients under the age of 18 must be kept for at least six years after the patients reaches the age of 18.

WSDA is in the process of reviewing the draft rule and will provide feedback to DQAC in early April. If you have questions, concerns, or suggested revisions for these proposed rules please contact WSDA Director of Government Affairs, Bracken Killpack at 800-448-3368 or at

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