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The news media in Spokane heaped well-deserved praise on The Spokane District Dental Society Foundation’s IDEA (Inland Dental Expanded Access) Clinic — running stories about the sliding scale clinic that opened last week. A joint project between SDDSF and Yakima Valley Farmworker’s Clinic (YVFWC), the clinic was created to provide access for patients who often fall through the cracks — qualified patients including the uninsured, the working poor, and students working to better their lives — a situation only made more dire with the loss of adult dental Medicaid.

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Space: The Final Frontier
The facility got its start in conversations between YVFWC’s Director Mark Koday and the Foundation, where a common need revealed itself — space. Yakima Valley’s existing space was too small, and SDDSF desperately needed a facility to house their project. The YVFWC is providing clinical space, staff management and operational systems. Advanced Education in General Dentistry residents and students will work beside the volunteer dentists and their staff in a private, office-like setting. The students and residents will also receive training from the dentists and specialists. SDDSF has commitments from more than 49 dentists, and will provide a total of 32 hours a week of complete dental care to adult patients, including dental specialty services. “We’re excited about getting the word out,” notes SDDS Executive Director Wendy Wilson, “And since the media coverage, we've received overwhelming interest from the public and community organizations. Both SDDS and the SDDS Foundation are thrilled about the potential of the clinic, and pleased that we're able to provide increased low cost options for care within Spokane County.”

For additional information about volunteer opportunities at the clinic, please visit their website at, or call (509) 482-4332.
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