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On Friday, December 6, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) held their last public meeting of 2013 to discuss ongoing business before the commission. Here are the highlights:

- Chris Baumgartner, Program Director for the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) presented to the Commission. PMP recently hired several full time staff members and is currently working on program enhancement projects including unsolicited reporting alerts and interstate data sharing. 49 states either have implemented PMP programs or are in the process of establishing prescription monitoring guidelines. Of the 6,298 dentists licensed in Washington state, 1,083 have signed up for PMP thus far. Visit the DOH website for more information.

- Renee Fullerton of the Department of Health also presented to the Commission on the Volunteer Retired Provider Program (VRP). VRP provides malpractice insurance to volunteering providers and pays some license renewal fees for retired volunteers. The program was established in the early 1990’s and has 85 participating dentists. Many of the providers participating in VRP work in free clinics and community health centers. For more information on VRP visit

- Dental Anesthesia Assistant’s (DAA) rules were adopted in June and DOH has already begun certifying applicants. There are eleven active DAAs active in Washington with an additional five DAA applications currently under review.

- The commission approved the proposed Dental Treatment Record rule modifications. The Commission had referred the rules back to the Dental Treatment Records Rule Committee at their last meeting for further review. The Commission’s approval of the proposed rules allows DOH to begin of the first of three rule making phases. WSDA will continue to track the proposed rules and inform members of all future public hearings associated with dental treatment records.

- In the coming months, DQAC will begin reviewing rules for graduates of non-accredited schools, general anesthesia and deep sedation, and administration of anesthetic agents for dental procedures. WSDA will continue to provide updates on new rule changes as they happen.

Should you have any additional questions regarding legal and regulatory issues, please contact WSDA's Government Affairs Coordinator, Mike Walsh at or 800-448-3368.


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