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Pierce County Dental Society Give Back To Their Community At Two Recent Events

Project Homeless Connect · October 23, 2013

By Cheryl Jenkins, PCDS Executive Director

CJ Jung wrote: “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”.  

The words could not be more true for the volunteers at the October 23rd Project Homeless Connect which was held at the Tacoma Dome. 

The event was a blur.  At 8:00 AM (the event began at 9:00 and we decided to get a head start on the day) the volunteers began with the intake process of those looking to get dental care.  From that point forward there were very few breaks for the volunteers.  It was a day of helping people find their way to the dental services that they needed.

The dental section offered dental screenings, home health care instruction, x-rays, prophys, restorations, emergent care, referrals to the Bates Free Dental Clinic which was held two days later, and referrals to outside agencies.

The outcome was $48,581 in care given by the wonderful dental professionals in a six hour day.  Thank you so very much to all who helped out during the day. 

The stories of why a person is there seeking services can truly make you humble and grateful that you have what you have.  Many young homeless adults don’t have any money to pay for an extraction or get a cleaning; a woman in her fifties has lost her job and can’t find another job at her age.  The most poignant story was a young man in his early twenties had been hit by lightening and had to get dental care before he had surgery. 

No matter how uncomfortable the volunteers were at the event they hung in there and finished the day.  It was a day where the energy level and adrenaline is high, which will get you through the day and at the end you will breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over.  Together as a group (one body) everyone gave the most they could to their fellow volunteers and the patients.  Kudos to all of the volunteers.

The next Project Homeless Connect will be on Saturday, January 25th at Spanaway Middle School.  If you don’t have anything going, please think about volunteering.  Contact Cheryl at the PCDS Central Office, 272-9960.

Thanks again to the following agencies and individuals:
Drs. Ted Baer, Al Bird, Jamie Brooks, Myron Brown, Richard Coyner, Walter Foto, Peter Hampl, Silvia La Rosa, and Mostafa Norooz

Dr. Ken Kais, Bates Dental Lab Program Director, Mary Galagan, Pierce College Dental Hygiene Professor, Debbie Lewandowski, Clover Park Dental Assisting Instructor, Patty Reno, Bates Dental Assisting Instructor
The many wonderful dental assistant students and dental lab students at Bates and Clover Park Colleges. 
The many agencies from the Pierce County Oral Health Coalition: Tacoma Pierce County Health Department: Linda Gillis, Dawn Jacobs, and Catherine Mortell,  Community Health Care: Hannah Moden, Lindquist Dental Clinic: Demetria  Stallworth, Forever Smiles: Tami Shearer, Medical Teams International: Fredda Smith, Dorothy Smith, Sandra Bollinger, Vickie Buckingham, and Kenneth Cooper 

Individual Volunteers: Jennifer and Zachary Craig, Balinda McDonald, Veronica LaFrance, and Donna LaFrance
A special thanks to the dental planning team: Jennifer Bunch, Linda Cameron, Mary Galagan, Linda Gillis, Vontell Moore, and Fredda Smith

Thanks to all for a day of doing and not a day of talking

Bates Dentists Care Free Clinic, October 25, 2013

Well I'm proud to say we had another successful clinic on October 25,2013. We were able to serve 45 Patients. Our dentists were busy filling 29 teeth and extracting 35 teeth. The total value in care delivered was more than $11,000!

Thanks to our volunteers
Dr. Karl Smith, Dr. Denise Beaudet, Dr. Mark Kadoshima, Dr. John Winskill, Dr. Eugene Choy, Dr. Greg Plancich
A huge THANK YOU to Bates Dental School including staff and students. This would not be possible without your collaboration with us! 
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