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A recording of the recent WSDA webinar on Health Care Reform implementation is now available online. The hour long webinar discusses how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will impact dentists both as providers and small business owners. Over 95 dentists participated in the webinar which was put on by staff from both WSDA and the Washington Dentists Insurance Agency (WDIA).

WSDA will be continually monitoring the progress of Health Care Reform and will be providing members with updates and resources on the WSDA blog, The Source website and in the October version of the WSDA News. The powerpoint presentation from the webinar will also be posted on The Source for members to access if they have questions.

Should you have immediate questions regarding Health Care Reform in Washington state, please contact WSDA or WDIA at the following numbers:

WSDA: 800-448-3368
WDIA: 800-282-9342

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