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School Presentations on Oral Health

The Washington Oral Health Foundation (WOHF) is active this school year, with a number of oral health presentations already lined up for fall.  Last Wednesday, WOHF saw its first high school group, presenting on the importance of good oral health and the dangers of tobacco and meth use.  60 students at West Auburn Senior High School in Auburn received information and engaged in discussion about the effects that cigarettes, spit tobacco and methamphetamines have on the body.  “We are an alternative high school,” said Noreen Kebba, the family and consumer science teacher at West Auburn, “so our students really need this information.” 

Tom Tidyman, Director of Programming and Development for WOHF was on hand to observe the program and see what parts of the presentation engaged the students most.  “I like how our presentations give students a wealth of information,” Tidyman said.  “Then we encourage them to make good decisions now that they are armed with that information.” WOHF shows a variety of photos and materials that show how bad tobacco, meth and poor oral health can ravage the mouth and the body as a whole.  

The program was presented by Ripp Cristel, a WOHF volunteer currently applying to dental school.  “It is great when we get younger dentists and dental students to present information to this age group, so high schoolers can relate a little more” says Tidyman.  “I’m betting that a lot of these teens went home and talked about oral health with their friends and family because of our program.” 


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