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WSDA Responds to Potential Denturist Scope Expansion

The Department of Health (DOH) has released their preliminary recommendations for the Denturist Scope of Practice Sunrise Review. The legislature asked DOH to review a potential expansion of the scope of practice of licensed denturists to include “making, placing, constructing, altering, reproducing, or repairing all other “nonorthodontic removable devices” and “teeth whitening using bleaching solutions of twenty percent or less." A complete copy of the DOH findings and original report can be found here.

After reviewing materials submitted by WSDA, dentists, denturists, and others, DOH determined that the original proposal  has substantial risk of patient harm if a broad definition of “nonorthodontic removable devices” is adopted. DOH did, however, provide more limited legislative language that could be used by the Legislature to expand denturist scope of practice in the future. A complete review of these potential recommendations can be found here.

WSDA submitted a second letter to the Department of Health reiterating our concerns with expanding the denturists scope of practice and included additional recommendations for DOH staff to review. A copy of the WSDA letter can be found here. The second rebuttal period for public comments ended on September 20 and DOH will now make their final recommendation to the legislature.

WSDA will continue to provide updates on this process as they develop. Please address questions and comments to WSDA Director of Government Affairs, Bracken Killpack, at or 800-448-1914.

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