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House of Delegates Candidates: Dr. Dennis Bradshaw, Dr. Ronald Dahl, Dr. Chris Delecki

Left to right: Dr. Dennis Bradshaw, Dr. Ronald Dahl, Dr. Chris Delecki Each week we will post the bios of candidates running for positions at the 2012 WSDA House of Delegates, in Walla Walla this September 13-15. This week, Drs. Dennis Bradshaw, Ronald Dahl and Chris Delecki, all running for a position on the WSDA Board of Directors.

Dr. Dennis BradshawDr. Dennis Bradshaw, Candidate, WSDA Board of Directors 

  Having served in the House of Delegates for many years, I have seen the need and benefit of a strong voice in organized dentistry.  Nationally, and even more so locally, our profession is under pressures from outside interests like we have never seen before.

I have decided to run for the Board of Directors this year because I know that I can make a positive contribution, as have so many before me. In the world we live in today, we need experience as well as the perseverance to make the tough decisions and stand behind them.

Whether it is midlevel providers and all of its surrounding issues, access to care, insurance companies interference beyond our worst nightmares, or whatever issue is next for us to deal with, I am committed to take it on in the best interest of organized dentistry.

As you exercise your obligation, to choose the best candidate to represent our profession here in Washington, I ask you to vote for me.  I would be honored to serve.

Current positions
Immediate Past Chair, Committee on Pacific Northwest Dental Conference 
Member Committee on PNDC, present
House of Delegate Representative for Benton-Franklin Dental Society since ‘99

Former Positions 
Member of the ‘now defunct’ Committee on Membership Benefits for 3 Years.
Benton Franklin Dental Society, Treasurer, Vice President, and President
Served on Benton Franklin Peer Review committee for 3 Years

Professional Affiliations
American Dental Association
Benton Franklin Dental Association 

DDS, Loma Linda University, ‘86


Dr. Ronald DahlDr. Ronald Dahl, Candidate, WSDA Board of Directors

  After nearly 30 years of involvement in organized dentistry at the local and state level, I am at the point in my dental career at which I am ready to step up to a new level of commitment, as a member of the Board of Directors, if elected. Currently serving on the WSDA Committee for Government Affairs, on occasion I have had the opportunity to witness the complexity of the issues and the decision making process that confront the Board on a daily basis. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do feel that the experience I’ve gained while on the Committee for Government Affairs gives me a better understanding of these complex issues.

One such issue is access to dental care, which is the major issue we face as a profession, and I am proud to say that the WSDA has been, and will continue to be, the leader in our state’s attempt to get this societal problem under control. We must continue to promote the cornerstones of the solution to the access problem — education and prevention — while at the same time addressing the complex issue of the midlevel provider that the Kellogg Foundation is promoting in our state through the Washington Dental Access Campaign.  

With the perspective of a small town dentist, I am willing to work hard for our great profession and would be honored to serve on the WSDA Board of Directors. 

Current positions
WSDA Committee on Government Affairs, ‘10-present
WSDA House of Delegates, ‘11 - present 
Boys and Girls Clubs of Whatcom County, Finance Committee, ‘10 - present
Boys and Girls Clubs of Whatcom County Foundation, Board member, ‘12 - present
Boys and Girls Club of Whatcom County, Ferndale Branch, Board member, ‘90 - present, President ‘95 - ‘97

Former Positions 
WSDA Committee on Strategic Planning, ‘92 - ‘97, Chair ‘93 - ‘94
Mt Baker District Dental Society President ‘08 - ‘09
WSDA House of Delegates, ‘94 - ‘95
Bellingham Technical College Dental Assisting Advisory Committee, ‘89 - ‘95, Chair ‘90 - ‘94

Professional Affiliations
Associated Ferrier Study Clubs, ‘95 - present, President ‘07 - ‘08
American College of Dentists, ‘97 - present
American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, ‘96 - present
Academy of R V Tucker Study Clubs, ‘07 - present
Pierre Fauchard Academy, ‘12 - present

DDS, University of Washington, ‘83
BS Botany, University of Washington, ‘79


Dr. Chris DeleckiDr. Chris Delecki, Candidate, WSDA Board of Directors 

 I am honored to be running as a candidate for the WSDA Board of Directors. My educational and professional experiences position me well as an exceptional candidate who will bring a unique skill set to the Board. Two of the “hot” issues facing dentistry are access to care and the inclusion and retention of young dentists in our professional organization. In regards to the access issues facing our profession, I am one of a few dentists that can bridge the gap between those groups promoting non-traditional and unacceptable changes in the current dental practice mode. I have provided dental care in the community clinic setting to low income patients my entire career. I have worked in rural America for 21 years with the Indian Health Service. For the past six years, I have worked three to six weeks each year on the SmileMobile in a number of rural Washington communities. I thoroughly understand the access issues facing our profession.

As an affiliate assistant professor for the University of Washington’s School of Dentistry and an attending dentist at Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, I have mentored many young dentists for the past 13 years. Through these daily interactions, I have gained a thorough understanding of the issues facing our young peers. I am sensitive to their concerns and will represent their interests on the Board.

My accomplishments with the Seattle-King County Dental Society the past 12 years speaks well to the dedication and leadership that I will bring to the WSDA Board. Thank you for your support!

Current positions
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House, ‘05 to present
SKCDS Access Committee, ‘03 to present
Seattle Central Community College Hygiene Advisory Committee ‘06 to present 

Former Positions 
WSDA Budget & Finance ‘06 to ‘09 (Chair ‘09)
SKCDS President ‘08 to ‘09
ADA House of Delegates, as USPHS member ‘96 - ‘97

Professional Affiliations
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Pierre Fauchard Academy
American College of Dentistry ‘12 Inductee 

DDS, University of Michigan, ‘77
MBA, City University Bellevue, ‘84
MPH, University of Michigan, ‘92

National Oral Health Consultant Native American Head Start ‘08 - ‘10
Have been a member of several conferences or have served on numerous ad-hoc committees relating to oral health issues in Washington State the past 12 years.





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