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House of Delegates Candidates: John Lo

Dr. John Lo, Candidate, Committee on Government Affairs
My name is John Lo, and I am running for WSDA Government Affairs Committee. It would be my second term. It may be strange, but I enjoy politics and the machinations of government. I have been fortunate to participate in DAD, organize fundraisers, meet with my legislators in Olympia, and also have lobbied in Washington DC with WSDA/ADA. I hope to continue to be of service to WSDA and the government affairs committee as we navigate the dangerous waters ahead. 

Current positions
WSDA—ADA Representative, 1
WSDA—Govt Affairs committee 3 years
WSDA—DentPac board 4 years
PCDS—Treasurer, 1 year
PCDS—newsletter editor (5+ years)

Professional Affiliations

University of Pennsylvania, DMD, ‘91
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