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House of Delegates Candidates: Dr. David Minahan, Dr. Greg Ogata, Dr. Laura Williams

Dr. David Minahan, Dr. Greg Ogata, Dr. Laura Williams Each week we will post the bios of candidates running for positions at the 2012 WSDA House of Delegates, in Walla Walla this September 13-15. This week, Dr. David Minahan, running for WSDA President-elect; Drs. Greg Ogata and Laura Williams running for WSDA Vice President.

Dr. David Minahan
Dr. David Minahan, Candidate, President-elect
  Your Washington State Dental Association is working hard to make a difference. The past year has been particularly trying for dentistry in our state—a crumbling, safety net of care due to lost adult dental Medicaid, cuts to dental insurance reimbursement, dental workforce battles in Olympia, reduced funding and patient population at the UW School of Dentistry, and an unfavorable economic climate. The WSDA is embarking on a proactive pathway to addressing these challenges. A strong legislative advocacy mission on behalf of the membership continues to be facilitated through grassroots efforts.
As a long time partner with the UWSoD, WSDA embraces the new vision of incoming Dean Joel Berg. Your Association is very excited about debuting The Source as a comprehensive information vehicle for all members. The Washington Oral Health Foundation (WOHF) continues to spread the prevention message across the state.
It would be a great honor to serve as your WSDA President-elect. It has been a tremendous privilege working with a talented Board of Directors and WSDA staff that have facilitated my growth and leadership skills. The challenges have been stiff at times; but, it has been exciting to see WSDA’s successful partnerships with NORDIC and WDIA, along with ownership of our Association office building, that have strengthened our financial position. It is our goal to work hard and provide meaningful services to you — our members!
I would appreciate the opportunity to continue representing our membership in making a difference for our profession.
Thank you!  

Current positions
WSDA Vice President, present
WSDA Board of Directors- ‘06- Present
UW Alumni Board of Directors, Fund Raising Chair, ‘96-Present
UW Deans Club Board of Directors ‘88- Present
Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau Board of Directors- ‘06- Present
WSDA Leadership Institute Mentor- ‘10

Former Positions 
UW Dean’s Club President ‘06 - ‘07
UW Alumni President ‘94 - ‘95
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House ‘04- Present
ADA Alternate Delegate ‘98, ‘99, ‘02, ’03, ‘07, ‘11
Pierre Fauchard Academy Wash.Section Chair, ‘96- ‘06 

Professional Affiliations
SKCDS, WSDA, ADA Tripartite ‘75- Present
Pierre Fauchard Academy ‘91- Present
International College of Dentistry ‘00- Present
American College of Dentistry ‘06- Present

BA in Chemistry, University of Washington ’71
DDS, University of Washington ‘75

Northshore Kiwanis, Past President/ Youth Dental Care Program ‘76- Present
Inglewood Golf Course- Past President ‘94 - ‘95
WSDA President’s Award- Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry ‘01
Dentist with Heart Provider ‘11
Inglemoor High School Select Basketball Coordinator/Coach ‘91 - ‘97

Dr. Greg Ogata

Dr. Greg Ogata, Candidate, Vice President
  Looking around as I’m finishing my second term on the Board, we’ve come a very long way. Financially, we have bought a building, an insurance company, and have seen our net assets increase. Internally at the WSDA, many have noticed the new blog, Facebook page, and other technological improvements initiated by the Board and myself. You are witnessing our “first” steps towards building our own vibrant, on-line community. I truly believe that having a place to discuss important issues and interact will be a key for our future membership. We will get there, and I want to be there to help shape this exciting future for our profession.
  Reflecting on my seven years of service has left me feeling that, more and more, matters of importance are coming that can affect us all in the long term. It seems that there are no shortages of change, most at the expense of our profession.
  Issues such as the midlevel, WDS, access to care, state budget cuts, health care reform, and the resulting exchanges are only some of the many issues that can change not only our present but our future.
Having a long family history in dentistry and a young family, I am committed to ensuring that the honorable profession my father and uncle experienced is not only continued today, but carried into the future, so that if our children want to study hard and help people, dentistry would still be a richly rewarding profession moving forward.  

Current positions
Seattle-King County Dental Society:
Delegate to the WSDA HOD
Council on Communications
Washington State Dental Association: 
Board of Directors
Alternate Delegate to ADA House of Delegates
American Association of Orthodontists: Council on Government Affairs

Former Positions 
Seattle-King County Dental Society — Past President
Seattle-King County Dental Foundation — Past Board of Directors
Washington Oral Health Foundation —Past Board of Directors
11th District American Dental Association — Past Caucus Chair
American Association of Orthodontists — Ad Hoc Committee on Crainofacial-Abnormalities 

Professional Affiliations
Pierre Fauchard Academy
American College of Dentists
International College of Dentists
American Board of Orthodontics 
St. Louis Orthodontic Foundation

U of W Dent 92’
MS, Orthodontics, St. Louis University ‘97

Blaine Memorial Methodist Church
UW School of Dentistry—Dean’s Club
St. Louis Orthodontic Alumni Assoc.
United States MENSA

Dr. Laura Williams

 Dr. Laura Williams, Candidate, Vice President

  We are living in exciting and challenging times in dentistry. Advances in technology and science make our profession continually stimulating and satisfying. However, the challenges of maintaining the integrity and stability of dentistry are becoming more serious than ever. We need to understand the gravity of the issues that threaten the fundamentals of our profession and find creative ways to respond to them. 
Two issues that receive the most publicity are the midlevel provider and dental insurance changes. The phrase “access to care” has come to encompass more than justification for the creation of a midlevel provider. The public image of dentistry as a profession that is concerned about providing care to indigent patients has come under scrutiny. Though our immediate problem is with WDS, we face more insurance industry invasion that threatens to direct our practice methods and services. Changes in health care legislation, self-regulation of the quality of care, maintenance of high educational standards, and working to keep organized dentistry relevant for all dentists are some of the other issues we need to address.
Strong leadership, hard work and collaborative effort is essential to maintaining the autonomy, integrity, and high ethical standard we have enjoyed in our careers. My personal goal is to do everything possible to safeguard our profession for those that follow in our footsteps. I want to continue to work hard with you to keep the profession I love strong and independent. 
I ask for your vote in Walla Walla, and I appreciate your support.  

Current positions
WSDA Board of Directors, ‘07 - present
ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws, and Judicial Affairs

Former Positions 
Committee on Budget and Finance, ‘02 - ‘06 (Chair, ‘06)
North Central District Dental Society: President, ‘98, Vice President, ‘97, Secretary, ‘96
Attending Dentist, Lake Washington Vocational Technical College, ‘91 - ‘94

Professional Affiliations
ADA, WSDA, North Central District Dental Society
International College of Dentists
Pierre Fauchard Academy
American College of Dentists

Hospital Dental Residency, University of California, San Francisco, ‘88
DMD, Oregon Health and Science University Dental School, ‘87
BS, University of Nevada, ‘83

Washington State Dental Association
Committee on Strategic Planning, ‘97 - ‘01
Task Force on Association Structure, ‘99 - ‘01
House of Delegates, ‘99 - ‘07 
Dental Liaison, Chelan Douglas Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition, ‘00 - ‘02 
ADA House of Delegates Alternate Delegate, ‘08 - present


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