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Washington State Dental Association

2012 House of Delegates Resolutions

What follows is a brief synopsis of the resolutions the House of Delegates will vote on in 2012. If you would like to read the resolutions in their entirety, please click here.


HD-01-2012. Rules for the House of Delegates
Establishes the rules for the 2012 House of Delegates. Submitted by the President.

HD-02-2012. Committees and Parliamentarian for Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates
Names members of Credentials Committee, Rules and Order Committee, Reference Committee on Financial and Membership Affairs, Reference Committee on Legislative and Administrative Affairs, and appoints a parliamentarian for the House. Submitted by the President.

HD-03-2012. Acceptance of WSDA Audit for the Year Ending September 30, 2011
Submitted by the Committee on Budget and Finance.

HD-04-2012. WSDA 2012/2013 Budget
Proposes the operating budget for 2012/2013 fiscal year, with final figures pending the outcome of the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference. Submitted by the Committee on Budget and Finance.

HD-05-2012. WSDA Dues for 2013 (Bylaws Amendment) 
Proposes a schedule of dues. Submitted by the Committee on Budget and Finance.

HD-06-2012. Nominations for Elective Office
Submits names for nomination for offices indicated in the resolution, with the understanding that further nominations can be made from the floor. Submitted by the Task Force on Nominations.

HD-07-2012. Location of the 2015 House of Delegates
To be proposed by the Committee on Budget and Finance.

HD-08-2012. WSDA Legislative Agenda
Proposes to reaffirm the policy in determining its annual legislative agenda, and adopt legislative positions in preparation for the 2013 session of the Washington State Legislature. Submitted by the Committee on Government Affairs.

HD-09-2012. Committee on Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (Bylaws Amendment)
Proposes to reduce the number of dentist members from six to five, and adds an at-large member selected by the President from a pool of dentists and staff, hygienists, front office, and assistants for a four-year term.

HD-10-2012. Committee on Government Affairs (Bylaws Amendment) 
Proposes eliminating the Legislative Director; the President appointing an at-large member for a two-year term; and that the President appoint, in 2014, an at-large member for a two-year term to replace the eliminated Vice President position, provided the House adopts that change.

HD-11-2012. House of Delegates (Articles of Incorporation Amendment)
Proposes reducing the number of total delegates to the House, with each component and ASDA having at least one.

HD-12-2012. Vice President (Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation Amendment)
Proposes that the position of Vice President be eliminated effective with the 2014 nominations, and that the President-elect serve as Corporate Vice President for legal purposes.

HD-13-2012. Alternative to the Dental Midlevel Provider
Proposes an alternative to the dental midlevel provider.

HD-14 -2012. Dental License Renewal Reform
Proposes the WSDA seek regulatory and/or legislative relief for dentists that would result in preventing the Department of Health from suspending a license to practice without due process, solely for the failure to pay a fee by deadline.

HD-15-2012. Alternative Reimbursement Plans and Road Map to a Healthy Future in Dentistry
Proposes that the WSDA renews its direct reimbursement campaign for small companies and employers. During the campaign, the emphasis will be on educating members about discussing DR with their patients, and encouraging them to participate. The resolution further asks the WSDA to create a task force to write a white paper on how organized dentistry can partner with member dentists to be liberated from the controls of traditional dental insurance and establish a healthy dental image.



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