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WSDA Opposes Denturist Scope Expansion

This summer, the Department of Health (DOH) has begun a Sunrise Review of potentially expanding the scope of practice of licensed denturists to include “making, placing, constructing, altering, reproducing, or repairing all other nonorthodontic removable oral devices” and “teeth whitening using bleaching solutions of twenty percent or less.”  After reviewing the proposal, WSDA determined that the proposed scope expansion added unnecessary risk to patient safety and could confuse patients into believing that underlying medical conditions have been resolved by receiving an appliance from a denturist. Similar concerns were raised by the Dental Quality Assurance Commission. WSDA’s written comments can be found here and DQAC’s written comments can be found here.

WSDA sent a voterVOICE alert to all grassroots dentists about the Sunrise Review on denturist scope expansion and encouraged them to submit public comment. Over 40 grassroots dentists submitted public comment and some of these statements can be found here. Click here to join WSDA’s grassroots program.

DOH is in the process of compiling a draft recommendation that will be ready for public review sometime in September. The report is then revised and taken to the Secretary of Health for final approval before it is submitted to the Legislature. Click here for more information on Sunrise Review process.

WSDA will provide updates on this process as they develop. Please address questions and comments to Government Affairs Coordinator Mike Walsh at or 800-448-3368.

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