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Follow Up to King 5's News Story on WDS

Via WDS's Facebook page, CEO Jim Dwyer apologized to WDS member dentists stating that his remarks in King 5's investigative news story were taken out of context. His apology is below.

Message from Jim Dwyer, CEO:
You may have seen the KING TV news report on May 10, 2012 about Washington Dental Service. I can certainly understand that my comments may have upset some member dentists. Please know that the clips of me were taken from a highly edited interview. Working more hours is one of many strategies dentists are employing to cope with a changing market place and the depressed economy.
I respect and value our member dentists, and I know they are dedicated to providing quality care for their patients. I apologize for the context of the statement.

On behalf of its member dentists, WSDA posted the following comment on King 5's page referencing this story:

Mr. Dwyer’s comments that dentists should “start working five days a week” to make up for the reduction in reimbursement were outrageous and  disrespectful, displaying ignorance on what it takes to run a dental practice. In addition to seeing patients, most dentists spend many hours managing the administrative responsibilities of owning a small business and work to stay current with the technical and scientific advancements in dentistry.  We are disappointed that the CEO of the largest non-profit dental insurance company in the State doesn’t understand these basic fundamentals of operating a dental practice.
-Washington State Dental Association

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