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Save the Date for the WSDA's Mentor Reception

Save the date for our Mentor Reception on Thursday, November 29th from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Burke Museum located on the University of Washington’s campus.

This year we have gone back to the drawing board in a sense. We are reimagining and rejuvenating the mentor program so both you, as mentors, and the students, can truly experience all of the program's benefits… starting with Mentor Reception.

While the event is primarily an opportunity for mentors and students to socialize and meet face to face; this year guests will also have the opportunity to wander through the Burke Museum’s Life and Times of Washington State exhibit. This exhibit features large-scale fossils such as an allosaurus skeleton cast, and a giant ground sloth fossil which was found during the construction of the Sea-Tac International Airport.

Join us for a night of fun, food, and even a bit of culture, thanks to the Burke Museum. All WSDA members are invited to attend, even if they are not currently involved in the program. If you would like to become involved and be paired with a current UW SoD student, please click here.

On the fence about becoming a mentor? Come for the free drinks and let us convince you as to why this is such a vital and beneficial program.

Please RSVP by November 15th. Questions? Contact Laura Rohlman at

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