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Washington State Dental Association

Mentor Reception

Looking for a way to get more involved in, and give back to, the dental community? Why not give the WSDA’s mentor program a try.

In collaboration with the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry, the mentor program pairs current dental students with WSDA members. The students need you. Whether you are just starting your career, have retired from the profession or are somewhere in between, you have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share.

Everyone has had a mentor in their life, whether it was a teacher, coach or even a sibling; they helped you along your way. This is your chance to pay it forward and positively affect the life and career of a dental student.

Mentors and students frequently choose to communicate via email and phone so fear of time commitment and geography do not need to be deciding factors. Also, all WSDA members are welcome; you do not have to be a UW SoD alumnus to participate.

We do ask that all mentors try and attend the annual Mentor Reception. This year it will be held at the Burke Museum on Thursday, November 29th from 6-8:30 p.m.

Questions? Contact Laura Rohlman at

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