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WE NEED YOUR VOICE! HB2226/SB6126 Midlevel provider Hearings


Hearings for House Bill HB 2226 (and its companion, Senate Bill SB 6126 ) on Midlevel providers have been set for Thursday, January 19 at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., respectively in Olympia. It is imperative that you voice your concern about this bill at Dental Action Day - See below.    The bill is very similar to last year’s with a few differences, including: Disciplinary authority of both midlevels is moved from the Secretary of Health to DQAC; Language from HB 1310 which states “An advanced dental therapist may practice without the supervision or off-site supervision of a dentist” has been removed from HB 2226. However, “Off-site supervision” and all other contractual supervision remains the same as in HB 1310. Additionally, aesthetic changes are as follows: The terms dental therapist and advanced dental therapist have been changed to dental practitioner and dental hygiene practitioner; the term written collaborative agreement has been changed to written practice plan contract; and collaborating dentist has been changed to contracting dentist. Visit here to view the bill in its entirety. 
   Earlier this year Rep. Cody stated that passing dental midlevel legislation is one of her “top three” priorities in the upcoming session. We’d like to welcome all dentists to travel to Olympia for the hearings — together, we can demonstrate what we mean by “One Profession, One Voice.” For more information, call or email Government Affairs Director Bracken Killpack at 206-973-5227 (direct) or


Dental Action Day  ·  Register Today!    The 2012 DAD is January 27 in Olympia. Decisions made —  like those on HB 2226 and SB6126 — could result in fundamental changes to dental care delivery. Other issues like health care reform, funding for higher education and dental residency programs, and further cuts to dental care for the most in need. Sign up to attend today! For additional information, call Michael Walsh at 800-448-3368 or email at

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