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Leadership Institute Seeks Applicants — Apply here today!

    Last year, the WSDA introduced the Leadership Institute, a one-year program designed to guide and mentor dentists to become leaders within the Association. The program paired applicants with WSDA Board members, who then shepherded the participants through six key activities tailored to developing emerging leaders from within our membership. The program was an unqualified success — its challenging goals met and exceeded, according to some participants. Mentors and participants will be encouraged to meet privately during the year to discuss perspectives, leadership issues and questions, and to further enhance the collaborative nature of the leadership process. The programming goal is intended to educate and illuminate the leadership process, without overwhelming participants with too many activities to add to an already full schedule. During the year, all program costs will be paid by the WSDA, including airfare, hotels, meals and transportation. Applications must be received by November 25, 2011 to be considered eligible for the program. If you have questions about the program, please contact Wendy Wilson at (206) 973-5218 or email her at

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